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What is high resolution audio?
High resolution audio, for our intents and purposes, is any musical recording distributed in a resolution beyond standard redbook CD. Redbook CD is 16 bits of data sampled at 44kHz, or 16/44. High resolution can have the following bitrates and resolution:

  • 24/96 kHz
  • 24/176.4 kHz
  • 24/192 kHz

This is not an exhaustive list of bitrates and resolutions, and this may change over time. But the most common high resolution formats are listed. These can also be bit for bit copies of the original digital master.

How can I play high resolution music through my audio system?
Usually, a PC or computer music streaming device are required. Some CD and DVD players can also play back these recordings as well.

Where can I find the necessary playback equipment?

Where can I find high resolution music?


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